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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are two cutting-edge technologies that have recently begun to intersect in exciting ways. AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn, while NFTs are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain. Together, they have the potential to revolutionize the way we create, distribute, and consume digital content.

Inspired by the incoming and Inevitable AI revolution that’s is about to come we as part of Starcards decided to take a plunge into to it . Take a look for instance at the introduction above, despite talking about complex subjects it was entirely created with AI using the ChatGPT. That’s is a small example that AI is here to stay for good or bad.

Inspired by that we created a collection called

“À̴̢̤̖̝̟̖͕̹̼̻̻̼̭͆̌̾̓̂ͅṳ̴͆̂͘͠ͅț̶̢̼̹̪̯̮̩͕̩̣̊͛̈̇̊̈́͝ȍ̶̗̱͉̖̮̽̃́́̏̕̚͝ͅm̷̡̡̛̟̠̳̝̦̟͉̗̝̯̰̰͙͒́̋̏̋̌a̷̢̤̪͍̣͙̯̪̙̮͋̈́̈́̉̏̍̿̀̄t̷̛͚͕̖̼͕͉͚̻͉̤̩̱͆̿̂̍i̴̝̻̊͑̾̍́͊̿̊͝o̵̱̩͔̟͈̗͎͈̺̜͎̯͊̆̀͑͒͊͊͠ń̸̮̻̫̉̄̉̆́̋̊̊̽̽̂͝” that aims to reflect our artistic take and ideology trough out multiple AI artwork creator and tools combined with our artwork.

A collection curated carefully, abstract, artificial art.

The Arrival


Completely FREE NFTs will be featured within À̴̢̤̖̝̟̖͕̹̼̻̻̼̭͆̌̾̓̂ͅṳ̴͆̂͘͠ͅț̶̢̼̹̪̯̮̩͕̩̣̊͛̈̇̊̈́͝ȍ̶̗̱͉̖̮̽̃́́̏̕̚͝ͅm̷̡̡̛̟̠̳̝̦̟͉̗̝̯̰̰͙͒́̋̏̋̌a̷̢̤̪͍̣͙̯̪̙̮͋̈́̈́̉̏̍̿̀̄t̷̛͚͕̖̼͕͉͚̻͉̤̩̱͆̿̂̍i̴̝̻̊͑̾̍́͊̿̊͝o̵̱̩͔̟͈̗͎͈̺̜͎̯͊̆̀͑͒͊͊͠ń̸̮̻̫̉̄̉̆́̋̊̊̽̽̂͝ and even people that are not long time Starcards fans will be able to get some of it. We just want to have some great fun with our fans and kick off the year with some GREAT VIBES!

Starting 25/01 we are going to release a pack on a biweekly basis with 10 NFTs each. Every two weeks will follow a different Chapter into our “À̴̢̤̖̝̟̖͕̹̼̻̻̼̭͆̌̾̓̂ͅṳ̴͆̂͘͠ͅț̶̢̼̹̪̯̮̩͕̩̣̊͛̈̇̊̈́͝ȍ̶̗̱͉̖̮̽̃́́̏̕̚͝ͅm̷̡̡̛̟̠̳̝̦̟͉̗̝̯̰̰͙͒́̋̏̋̌a̷̢̤̪͍̣͙̯̪̙̮͋̈́̈́̉̏̍̿̀̄t̷̛͚͕̖̼͕͉͚̻͉̤̩̱͆̿̂̍i̴̝̻̊͑̾̍́͊̿̊͝o̵̱̩͔̟͈̗͎͈̺̜͎̯͊̆̀͑͒͊͊͠ń̸̮̻̫̉̄̉̆́̋̊̊̽̽̂͝” oddyssey, exploring multiple layers of our imagination.

How to get the packs?


Each pack will be traded by our infamous Anarchy Pins, doing some call backs to our previous and most amazing collection, “Starcards: Anarchy”

Each pack contains 3 digital collectibles, created entirely by artificial intelligence. Start saving up again your Anarchy Pins in order to trade for the weekly packs! The First Chapter will be: Nostradamus the Future of Mankind

Collective Consciousness

Chapter 1: Nostradamus and the Future of Mankind

Nostradamus, also known as Michel de Nostredame, was a renowned French physician, astrologer and prophet of the 16th century. He gained fame and notoriety for his book “Les Prophéties”, a collection of 942 poetic quatrains that he claimed held predictions of future events.

These predictions covered a wide range of topics, including natural disasters, wars, and the rise and fall of governments and leaders. Although many of his predictions are said to be cryptic and open to interpretation, leading to ongoing debate about their accuracy, Nostradamus’ legacy continues to capture the imagination of people to this day.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence for his predictions, Nostradamus is considered a legend and his quatrains are often cited as evidence of his prophetic abilities.

Armaggedon: The Final Prophecy

The first chapter, will feature FREE 20 NFTs regarding this subject that Starcards loves… The stylistic aproach towards these collectibles is often based on Gustave Doré, a French artist, illustrator, and sculptor who lived in the 19th century. He is best known for his illustrations, which were produced to accompany various literary works, including Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri. His illustrations were notable for their detailed and imaginative style, and his work was highly sought after by publishers of the time. Doré was also a prolific artist outside of illustration, creating sculptures, paintings and engravings. He was considered one of the leading artists of his time and had a significant influence on the development of the art of illustration. His work continues to be celebrated and admired to this day.

Start saving up some pins NOW! “À̴̢̤̖̝̟̖͕̹̼̻̻̼̭͆̌̾̓̂ͅṳ̴͆̂͘͠ͅț̶̢̼̹̪̯̮̩͕̩̣̊͛̈̇̊̈́͝ȍ̶̗̱͉̖̮̽̃́́̏̕̚͝ͅm̷̡̡̛̟̠̳̝̦̟͉̗̝̯̰̰͙͒́̋̏̋̌a̷̢̤̪͍̣͙̯̪̙̮͋̈́̈́̉̏̍̿̀̄t̷̛͚͕̖̼͕͉͚̻͉̤̩̱͆̿̂̍i̴̝̻̊͑̾̍́͊̿̊͝o̵̱̩͔̟͈̗͎͈̺̜͎̯͊̆̀͑͒͊͊͠ń̸̮̻̫̉̄̉̆́̋̊̊̽̽̂͝” BEGINS NEXT WEEK!

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Made with love xox

Starcards Crypto team and Chat GTP



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