Anarchy Club: Punk Nation 🤟

Before we go into details, we would like to thank you, Starcards Fan, without you we wouldnt have become a Wax Blockchain treasure and turning 2 years old this October, so a big Thank you to all of you! Love ya heaps!

Set to launch on Sep 22th, Punk Nation will feature a brand new exciting set of PFPs!! Including new homages to pop culture, music throwbacks and artwork inspired by the feedback and reception of the original Anarchy set from our community

More and More fun with Anarchy Pins!!

The Anarchy Pins system will remain as strong as ever! As of now more than 75% of the firstly released Anarchy Pins are burned, so we are going to refill your wallets as each pack will contain a few more Pins , and once again host plenty of events and opportunities to increase your collection !

We aim this time to make you burn at least 85% of the Pins with:

  • New Pack exclusively acquired with Pins
  • New Companions
  • Pack Discounts
  • Randomizator 2.0 giving you an extra chance to get that lovely missing PFP

This time we are increasing the number of Anarchy NFTs per pack and now everyone will receive two guaranteed NFTs on each pack!!

Total Packs to be minted: The template will once again be closed at 200 packs!

Democratic release Calendar !

First limited LAUNCH, date: September 22th
number of packs for sale — 35 Packs + Exclusive NFT “1”

Second limited LAUNCH date: September 24th
number of packs for sale — 35 Packs + Exclusive NFT “2”

Third limited LAUNCH date: September 27th
number of packs for sale — 35 Packs + Exclusive NFT “3”

Fourth limited LAUNCH date: September 30th
number of packs for sale — 35 Packs + Exclusive NFT “4”

Pack Details

Pack price: 8,00$

NFTs per pack: 12 (Two guaranteed Anarchy, One guaranteed VIOLENCE or PEACE and 9 Anarchy PINs)

Total of unique designs: 40 PFPs with very limited mint numbers like the first Anarchy drop


ANARCHY“RED BLOOD like” choose your player and make your move. The Blockchain environment is too hectic for you not to disguise as someone else! Why choose a boring character you don’t even know when you can choose a SCi-Fi fan favorite villain?

VIOLENCE — ANIMATED and “BLACK as the spray paint used in the walls of big cities”. I Choose VIOLENCE!

PEACE — ANIMATED and PSYCHEDELIC! Because Starcards can never let go of colors! Trip trip to your newly acquired psychedelic NFT, you will use it when animated avatars can be brought to your profile on the social media!

TOP Collectors!

We will also include PUNKI NATION in the criteria for the Hall of Fame and the Scotch and Soda VR Galleries TOP Collectors!

So The more Anarchy NFTs you have, the bigger chances to get ino the Hall of Fame you have!!

Good LUCK! and now for MORE BIG NEWS!!

2022 Year Review and Roadmap

2022 has been a craaaazy year for crypto and NFT collectors, thats why we have adapted our modus operandi to keep it fun and accessible for all of our fans, also we have been busy building and creating something fun and innovative for our collectors, but thats for another time.

DYSTOPIA and UTOPIA was a very fun collection and the very first try at a Tokenomic System that turned out to be successful! A diverse collection with one of the best Starcards Arts to date!

STARQUEST 2K: the throwback to the storytelling challenges that made Starcards grow a lot in 2021, it was very fun using it while having the elaborated Dystopia Tokenomic System on it!

Starcards OFF: First vIRL Collection!

Everyone asked and we took the courage to do it! The Starcards Merch is available for everyone, thanks for those that supported this launch!

If you still didnt get one NFTee or a vIRL Starcards Poster!

Besides the upcoming PUNK NATION launch, we are also announcing THREE MORE COLLECTIONS!

Yes you have heard it right! 3 more new drops by the end of the year.

TOXICITY: the ANARCHISTS were intoxicated, and have now generated the most original Starcards collection to date! Release date: MID October

Starcards OFF: Winter Collection. NEW Posters and we are bringing you HOODIES and other surprises that we cannot wait to share, it's the perfect time of the year to gift yourself with some Starcards Merch.

Release date: November

ODDSYSSEY: Starcards been cooking this one for a while, every detail is well thought, this is also the most psychedelic and abstract Starcards has been, a montage fusion with Starcards psychedelia.

Release date: December

— — — — — — — —

Developed with Love, xoxox Starcards Crypto Team