Anarchy Club Undead vs Utopians Pack

It’s once again time to put those Anarchy Pins to good use, those of you who took full advantage of the Pins accumulation phase will be able to participate in the first Season Pack Drop special event, where we expect to burn 80% of the available supply of Anarchy Pins!

Each Undead vs Utopians Pack will contain one of 6 brand new exclusive NFTs from the Anarchy collection!


  • Beetlejuice
  • Boogieman
  • Screm Toy: Warden Edition



  • Hippie Runner
  • Just a Panda
  • Gorillaz Mask

The NFTs featured in the pack are VERY special, starting with Screm Toy, Starcards will release several types of Screm Toys for you to collect (there won't be many variations). And in second place, the Gorillaz Mask will have special variations when the RANDOMIZATOR goes live in October!

All the other characters will also be featured in the Companion blends to be released in September while also being included in a special collector rewards set!

Pack Details

Pack cost: 8 Anarchy Pins!

Packs available: 125

NFTs per pack: 1

Packs per person: As many as you can get 😱

The packs will be released in 5 blocks to give everyone a fair chance to participate in the event, and each block is going to have 25 Packs, following this calendar:


29/08 — Monday 17 PM UTC

31/08 — Wed 22 PM UTC

02/09 — Friday 17 PM UTC

05/09 — Monday 22 PM UTC

08/09 — Thu 17 PM UTC

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