Starquest & Dystopia Official Roadmap 🚨🌈


Our Newest Limited Collection Dystopia was SOLD OUT and we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you great Starcardians that participated in the launch!

Dystopia & Utopia is a Mix of a political sentiment and freedom of the system that surrounds us, it is a collection planned during the birth of Ascension where we felt that those arts belonged together as it’s own thing.

Now let’s get to the part we all want to know! Starquest & Dystopia Season! 😈🚨

Now we are adding STARQUEST PACKS to the Dystopia roadmap! MORE MORE MORE NFTs and crazy stuff down the line as Starcards prepares for a NEW Collection of FREE NFTs, "ANARCHY CLUB"

If u already are a Dystopia collector u can jump to the Starquest Packs section of the Roadmap!

As you are all familiar with our newest Daily Tokenomic Claim System of the Wallace Chips, we will carry it through the entire season alongside with new events and the come back of great oldies. Hang with us and we will explain everything.

1. Daily Claimable Chips

Wallace chips will keep going until the end of the Dystopia Season (07/05), we will keep adding new Arts every week so that you can spend the chips whatever way you want. But don’t be surprised if we add NFTs from other collections of ours such as “Ascension”, “Ruptura!” And “Series One” 👀

Week 07/03 to 13/03

“The Lion” will be added to the Utopia Store.

Week 14/03 to 20/03

“Crypto Vultures.” Will be added to the Dystopia Store.

Week 21/03 to 27/03. “BANE” will be added to the Utopia Store.

Week 28/03 to 03/04. “GAMMA KNIFE” Will be added to the Dystopia Store.


Week 04/04 to 10/04. “MR. DUCK” Will be added to the UTOPIA Store.

Week 11/04 to 17/04. “REDBONE.” Will be added to the DYSTOPIA Store.

Week 18/04 to 24/04. “INVASION” Will be added to the UTOPIA Store.

Week 04/05 to 10/05. “NEVER FIGHT A MAN WITH A PERM" Will be added to the DYSTOPIA Store.

2. The fan favorite Starquest makes a come back! 😮‍💨 (Starquest 2000)

Bc we all loved the first Starquest with The Wizard’s challenges and the best of you got one of the most valuable Starcards to date (2021), we are bringing back something similar but bigger than last time. Dystopia’s lore will continue with the journey of our protagonist and many surprises await down the line.

Every week we will enable a new Chapter of the story and the people that can surpass the challenges will win the SPICE NFT to the future STARQUEST 2k Pack blend.

Here are the chapters and it’s dates 🚨

Chapter 4: The Visions

Release date (07/03)

Prizes already distributed.

Chapter 5: Hello friend

Release date (14/03)

Prizes already distributed.

Chapter 6: The Baron’s

Release date (21/03)

Prizes already distributed.

Chapter 7: Wallace great fall

Release date (28/03)

See below the final Chapters of the Starquest 🌈

Chapter 8: The Universe

Release date (04/04)

Chapter 9: Ethereal Madness

Release date (11/04)

Chapter 10: The River

Release date (18/04)

Chapter 11: All Lies

Release date (25/04)

By the end of the Dystopia Season, people that participate in the Quests and successfully gather all “Spice” NFTs will get the chance to enter in an exclusive event and win 15 packs of “Starquest 2: Dystopia” and 15 packs of “Starquest 2: Utopia”, all NFTs related to the full Part 2 of Dystopia & Utopia Lore.

Starquest 2 packs will also feature a very special surprise.


As we continue with the Wallace Chips System we will have another month of NEW additions to the Starcards Chip Stores and the Starquest menu in the Dystopia HUB!

Two new Whitelist Claims of Wallace Chips will be added covering the Starquest Templates criteria, so if u have Statquest NFTs you will have a claiming power of 3X (if u hold the 2nd Whitelist Criteria for Dystopia or Utopia NFTs).

Here are the NFTs to be featured in the upcoming Season 2 of Dystopia:

Murder of the Universe (also to be featured in the vIRL format)

Magenta Mountain




Altered Star (the big come back of the Psychedelic and most notable form of Starcards art!)

The Dripping Tap (RED version) also to be featured in the vIRL format.

A very personal art, "Work This Time" to be added in the Utopia Hub!

"GAIA" (surprise reveal) also to be featured in the vIRL format.

Besides those new arts, we also have a collab with a very special friend of ours, featuring a classic song from The Beatles, more info coming soon.

— — — — — — -

Xoxox Starcards Crypto Team