Dystopia & Utopia Packs Launch and Economic system explained!

Date and Time:


February 3rd, 6pm UTC. ⏰

Drop link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/starcardscpt/drops/97362%2B97360

Meet the packs

  • “Dystopia Pack”: 100 packs $10 🚨
  • “Utopia Pack”: 100 packs $10 🌈
Some of the arts that will be featured within each pack.

Each pack will contain 4 exclusive new NFTs with the following rarities:

  • 80% Base
  • 20% Dynamic

Packs will be minted on demand.

“Time” Utopia type NFT and “Dystopia” NFT (preview)

The Whitelist 😎

Those holding the NFTs bellow will be automatically whitelisted for the sale:

  • Wallace Chips (Enabler and Access)
  • Ascension Season Pass
  • Ascension Premium Season Pass

Get in the Whitelist by buying an “Ascension Pack” or a “Mega Pack” that contains an “Ascension Pass NFT”: https://neftyblocks.com/c/starcardscpt

After 5 minutes the sale will be open to the general public.

Each person is going to be able to buy 2 packs with a 60s cool down

Dystopia Hub - The Economy 🤑

Visit: https://www.starcardscrypto.com/dystopiahub

By owing Dystopia and Utopia NFTs you are going to be able to claim once per day a “Wallace Chip”.

The Wallace Chips will be used as a currency to buy exclusive new NFTs and to take part in the post launch events.

Each person will be able to participate in 2 claim events daily according to these two NFT holding criteria:

Claim Option 1:

4x NFTs= 1 Wallace Chip per day

Claim Option 2:

9x NFTs= 1 Wallace Chip per day

Dystopia and Utopia are going to have two different Wallet chips, one for each set and also an unique market for each one with artwork leaning towards each concept.

The Dystopia Wallace Chip for example will allow you to buy Dystopian NFTs and so on with the Utopia NFTs.

The Market will be open one week after the launch to allow everyone to collect enough Wallace Chips for the first purchase!

Check our Dystopian Hub to have sneak peak abou the upcoming market!

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