Last Anarchy Drops and Discounts!


After the success of the Anarchy Drops, Starcards is bringing to collectors the last (trust us, it will be) Drops and chances to get your hands on the 40 PFP NFTs featured in the ANARCHY CLUB Packs S1.

The Anarchy Club pack template will be closed at 200 mints. That means after that no more Anarchy Club packs will be never minted again and the closed template will be visible on the WAX io Blockchain.

Closing the template at 200 mints should give us an average number of 6 mints per NFT from the Anarchy rarity if all the packs are opened, so the collection will remain very limited.

As of now there are 130 packs minted so how the remaining packs will be distributed?

It’s all going to happen next week from August 8th to August 14th, so get ready for a week full of excitement!!

To start the week we will have our first sale with a Discount! The discount is one of the many possibilities of use to the Anarchy Pins.

How is it going to work?

We are going to utilize one of the new features from NeftyBlocks that allows us to create a blend using WAXP + Selected NFTs. So you will be blending WAXP + Anarchy Pins to get a pack with 25–50% discount!!

Week Calendar!

08/08 — Monday: Discount Blend 1
3,33$ in WAXP + 11 Anarchy Pins — 15 Packs.

10/08 — Wednesday: Discount Blend 2.
5,00$ in WAXP + 6 Anarchy Pins — 25 Packs.

12/08 — Friday: Last chance ever to get an Anarchy Pack + Exclusive NFT 4 (Bad Uga Buga)
6,66 in WAXP — 30 Packs.

Sunday: MYSTERY BOX (Second Chance Blend)

And as a final surprise, this week we will be introducing the Mystery BOX. Have you ever wondered? What if I got a different PFP? What if I could get that second chance to pull that one PFP I am looking for?

We will give everyone this opportunity by creating a blend that will allow you to blend any NFT from the Anarchy rarity+ 4 Anarchy Pins for a random reroll at the 40 PFPs available on the pack!!

This week will be FUN, and expect many other surprises down the line!

— — — —

Developed with love, Starcards Crypto Team

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