October Schedule!


Alright, lets be quick and get into everything Starcards has planned for this month and more, because its A LOT!

Let's start by showing off this killer art! "Made in Brazil" is the first NFT to celebrate Starcards birthplace, because we are brazilians we felt like it finally had to be represented in some shape of form, and this is the way we chose to do it!

"Made in Brazil" will be featured in the #vIRL format as a denim jacket, available in the upcoming Starcards OFF: WINTER Collection, in November!

Now, for the events!

Starcards Punk Nation Discounts Drops!

How is it going to work?

Like we did with the first Anarchy Drops, we are going to utilize one of the new features from NeftyBlocks that allows us to create a blend using WAXP + Selected NFTs. So you will be blending #WAXP + Anarchy Pins to get a pack with discounts!!


12/10— Tuesday: Discount #NFT Blend 1

14/10— Friday: Discount #NFT Blend 2.

This will be the last chance to get the Punk Nation Packs!

Randomizator 2.0

Adding more utility to the ANARCHY CLUB Collection!

Get kool aid! The Randomizator 2.0 will offer collectors a chance to get some uncexpected NEW NFT variations of the ANARCHISTs and PUNKs! The randomizator 2.0 will work upon ANARCHY PINs burn system! So get ready to spend them!

We have created another TWO New rarities besides PEACE and RARITY, featuring 5 of each NFTs variations, these NFTs will be rare!

The Randomizator 2.0 will be live 13/10 enabling the first batch of the new rarities!

GLITCH: theres no escape from the MATRIX, you are locked in.


PICASSO: The night sky transferred to the blockchain through film!

example of “The HOUND”, the new Glitch rarity.
example of “The DEFENCE” the new Picasso rarity

Ooof, and we haven't stopped yet!

Starcards is 2 years OLD! Very Old for a NFT project!

Starcards 2 YEARS anniversary is just around the corner, October 18th we will be celebrating with the whole WAX community featuring countless giveaways of our NEW Season Pack: Anniversary Pack!

6 NEW ORIGINAL Starcards will be launched within this pack, it will be acquired via giveaways, surprise drops and of course via Anarchy City with your precious Anarchy Pins!

  • Each pack will contain one PFP only.


As always, because we love this time of the year, we will feature a VERY VERY SPECIAL set of exclusive thematic NFTs, get ready to be SPOOKED!

"Starcards: EVIL WITHIN" will be a surprise and we wont reveal much, but we can say you are going to bite your nails because these will be true horror NFTs!!!!

Dates: October 25th to October 31st


Toxicity!! — November 4th


The Anarchy Nation was overthrown by a giant toxic waste spill and it has generated 20 NEW NFTs!


The Bank system will allow the collectors to claim pins on a daily basis similarly to the Dystopia and Starquest 2k collections!

And we will enable different blends that will get you a chance of getting an Anarchy Pin (Token) or X% of getting a Toxicity Barrel!

By owning a Toxicity Barrel you will be able to open it and get one of the Exclusive new Toxicity NFTs! (or even some Anarchy Club NFTs)

If you want to get more daily pulls we will also enable a second pin claim that will cost X WAX and will have a +x increase chance of getting a Toxicity Barrel!

(One claim per wallet per day, timer reset after 24hrs)

HALL OF FAME and SCOTCH and SODA VR Galleries!

Prepare yourselves, because by the end of the month after TOXICITY finally DROPs the Best collectors RANKING for Anarchy NFTs will be made,

the ranking will feature the following formula

Number of Anarchy PFPs+Number of PUNK Nation PFPs

The 20 best collectors will be featured in the Hall of Fame and the 10 Best Collectors also in the Scotch and Soda Galleries.

Summarizing the schedule:


  • 12/10 — Tuesday: Discount Blend 1
  • 13/10 — Thursday: Randomizator 2.0 First batch Go LIVE
  • 14/10 — Friday: Discount Blend 2.
  • 18/10 to 21/10: Starcards Anniversary Packs!
  • 25/10 to 31/10: EVIL WITHIN Halloween Event!


  • 04/11–1st Toxicity Blend enabled!

If you have missed some of Starcards previous articles is time to catch up!

See below the Roadmap for the last quarter of 2022!

made with love,