Star Token and Premium Token

Both of the Tokens are NTTs (Non transferable tokens) and are essentially used to track all pack openers. By tracking it we can reward the pack openers with a few surprises and drops , such as the” Starcards Ticket” on the most recent collab with Alpaca Worlds.

They will also be used to raffle the 1st mints of all Rarities (except Legendary and 3D) between everyone who opened a pack before April 25th Starcards o’clock (10pm UTC).

When a Vomit Coffin pack is opened it rewards you with a guaranteed "Premium Token". And Each Altered Pack opened comes with a guaranteed "Star Token" .

In every drop to the Token holders we will follow the following logic to distribute the NFTs shown bellow:

Premium Token: 68% of the total amount of NFTs

Star Token : 32% of the total amount of NFTs



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