Starcards: Made out of Denim Surprise extra Pack!


Two Packs For Everyone!

As we approach the last scheduled sale of the “Punk Nation” Packs, we decided to add a special surprise to the last exclusive NFT slot. This time instead of a bonus NFT everyone will get the “Starcards: Made out of Denim Pack” . So essentially you will be getting TWO packs instead of one to close this last sale with a Boom!!!

NFTs per pack: 1 or 2 (One guaranteed Denim , 25% chance to get the extra “Toxicity Barrel” NFT)

3 New PUNKs: with the same drop rates! Surprise reveal upon drop!

  • LAMINATED Denim Punk
  • MID Denim Punk
  • WASHED Denim Punk

*A very special collector reward NFT will be available to everyone that owns BOTH 3 PUNKs later on!

“Toxicity Barrel” is the first NFT released from the NEW and exclusive Toxicity collection, the ANARCHISTS were intoxicated, and have now generated the most original Starcards collection to date!

Expected Release date: MID October!! More information coming soon!

MYSTERY BOX is back for the Punk Nation!

Have you ever wondered? What if I got a different PFP? What if I could get that second chance to pull that one PFP I am looking for?

We will give everyone this opportunity once again with a blend that will allow you to blend any NFT from the Anarchy rarity + 4 Anarchy Pins for a random re-roll at the new 40 PFPs available on the Punk Nation Pack (including the exclusive NFTs and the legacy Anarchy collection)!

It will be released this Friday!!

And what is ahead of ANARCHY?

Anarchists, many surprises will come in the last months of 2022, here is the summary of the events and launches we have planned for this last quarter!

  • Anarchy City Bank go live!
  • Randomizator go live!
  • NEW Collector Rewards following Punk Nation Drop!
  • Plastic Beach Event — Gorillaz Masks
  • "Starcards: The Evil within" Exclusive Halloween event
  • "Season Pack 2: 2 years Anniversary Pack"
  • Hall of Fame and Scotch and Soda Gallery finalists!

And 2022 still hasn't ended! Starcards has more upon the sleeves!

If you didn't catch the 2022 collections roadmap on our last medium take a loot at it now!

Developed with love!

Starcards Team!