Starfusion ⚠️☢️

One of our most successful launch so far was the Starfusion iniciative. It consists of combining 2 or more NFTs to create a new and exclusive NFT using the blenderizerx contract.

The first Starfusion NFT released so far is called Cut Throat Boogie, it is only possible to obtain it by combining four different NFTs:

1.12 Bar Bruise (200mints)

2. Bloody Ripper (200 mints)

3. High Hopes Low (200mints)

4. Muckraker (200mints)

STARFUSION: Cut Throat Boogie (Max 100mints)

Each Cut Throat Boogie consists in a fusion of these four cards up to a point when 100 mints are reached. That way, after one hundred Cut Throat Boogies are created, it won’t be possible to create it no more.

How to use the Starfusion Reactor? ⚠️☢️

1.Click: ""

2.Login with your preferable choice of wallet:

3.Select your desirable Starfusion and Click on it.

4.Select the NFTs that you want to blend.

5.Click on Blend and Aprove the Transaction.

6.Now your Starfusion is Complete!!

Warning: The NFTs necessary to create the Starfusion are permanently Burned 🔥🔥🔥

Special thanks to Marcos DK for creating the blenderizerx contract and to José Andrade for creating the NFT blender website.




NFTs related to rock and music!

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Starcards Crypto | Collectible NFTs

Starcards Crypto | Collectible NFTs

NFTs related to rock and music!

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