“The Season of The Witch”

A Halloween Special Gaming Event 🎃

From 25/10 to 31/10, we will host daily mini games on our official website: http://www.starcardscrypto.com

**Important: the Ascension pass is a requirement to participate! Wallets that do not have the Pass won’t be considered.

✅Get the pass: https://neftyblocks.com/c/starcardscpt/drops/38297%2B38304

By playing the games and always seeking for the top rankings on the leaderboards players will earn our exclusive Halloween #NFTs “The Season of The Witch” 🎃🕯

And by blending those crazy pumpkins you can earn our Halloween Special Starposters:

“The Wax” 🕯

Or “The Wax: Carnage Edition” 🩸

5 mini games will be available:

The Pumpkin Game 🎃

The Ascension Maze 🐇

The Matching Fuzz (2 Challenges)⚡️

FazQuizz 3 😱

The Spherical Maze 🪐

Positions/Rankings rewards:

🏆Top 10 — 3 Pumpkin Shards

🥈Top 20 — 2 Pumpkin Shard

🥉Top 30- 1 Pumpkin Shard

ℹ️Read more about our Series 3 — Ascension: https://starcardscrypto.medium.com/ascension-september-4th-complete-collect-and-earn-wax-96f41c1c3667