Toxicity arrives Nov 15th! 🤮


The Anarchy Nation was overthrown by a giant toxic waste spill and it has generated 22 NEW NFTs!

Featuring some of the best Starcards Original NFTs ever created and the LAST BATCH of PFPs being released this year,

Toxicity will be included in the Hall of fame rank, these NFT will have a special multiplier for the ranking criteria that will work on Nov 30th to choose the best Starcards Anarchy Collectors!

Besides the new NFTs we will be releasing back some previous Anarchy PFPs inside this Pack, this is the last chance to get your collection complete! ❤️

Check out some of the Toxicity NFTs below! 🤯

(Altered Beast, Toxic Clicker, Toxic Angel)

The Bank System will return! 🤑💰

Claim 1 Anarchy Pin per day with the Bank System!

The Bank system will allow the collectors to claim an “Anarchy Pin”, on a daily basis similarly to the Dystopia and Starquest 2k collections! Each pack purchaser will be whitelisted for 2 months to claim one Anarchy Pin per day!

More info about the daily claims will be disclosed, but we can say that Toxicity Collectors will have a special advantage 🤮

Toxicity Pack Details! 🚀

Pack price: 7,99$

NFTs per pack: 12 (Two guaranteed Toxicity, One guaranteed Anarchy and 9 Anarchy PINs)

Total unique NFTs : 22 PFPs with very limited mint numbers

Pack Drop Calendar! ⏰

This time we have a special deal for those participating in multiple Drops! Everyone participating in all 3 drops with the same wallet will receive an EXTRA PACK for FREE and also an exclusive 2nd Anarchy Pin claim per day!

⏰ Time: 6pm UTC (per vote on the Anarchy Closed Group)

Pack Drop 1 — November 15th 30 Packs

Pack Drop 2 — November 18th 30 Packs

Pack Drop 3 — November 21th 30 Packs

Basic Whitelist 👀

The first 5min of all drops will be exclusive to holders of one the 12 NFTs from the “Evil Within” Schema

That’s a quick one for today guys! See y’all at this crazy LAUNCH! 🤮❤️


Xoxo Starcards Crypto Team

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