Anarchy unleashed! July 27th

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Rage against the machine

Anarchy unleashed!

After almost 2 years of non stop Blockchain development and 4 diverse collections launched on WAX io Starcards Crypto is ready to make it's debut on the PFP approach with the FRESH Series 5: ANARCHY CLUB.


Ready to launch on NeftyBlocks on JULY 27th with the first limited editions of the "Anarchy Packs" it will feature LOW MINTED PFP NFTs designed on paper and digitalized to the robot realm, each NFT created in an UNIQUE design, not following a specific theme like just boring apes or cool puss*es!


Starcards LOVES pop culture and we are NERDS ourselves too, Star Wars, Stranger Things, Dune, Superheroes and much more are within our hearts (just like everyone else), so why not make some cool homages to it? That's part of what ANARCHY CLUB is! A love letter to NFTs and PopCulture!

No GAS! Did your hear it? No. Freaking. GAS!

We know some of NFT collectors like to show off their NFTs worth of thousands of dollars bought with outrageous GAS FEEs, but why spend so much in single transaction for a single NFT when you can get SEVERAL with FAIR prices and barely no transaction FEEs? We say Work Smart and Play Hard.

Let's get into the details shall we?

First limited LAUNCH, date: July 27th
number of packs for sale — 34 Packs + Exclusive NFT “1”

Second limited LAUNCH date: July 30th
number of packs for sale — 33 Packs + Exclusive NFT “2”

Third limited LAUNCH date: August 3rd
number of packs for sale - 33 Packs + Excluisve NFT “3”

Pack price: 6,66$
NFTs per pack: 12 (One guaranteed Anarchy, one guaranteed VIOLENCE or PEACE and 10 Anarchy PINs) and an extra roll with 25% chance to get an extra Anarchy NFT
Total of unique designs: 40 PFPs with very limited mint numbers

See the Rarities below:

ANARCHY — "RED BLOOD like" choose your player and make your move. The Blockchain environment is too hectic for you not to disguise as someone else! Why choose a boring character you don't even know when you can choose a SCi-Fi fan favorite villain?

VIOLENCE — ANIMATED and "BLACK as the spray paint used in the walls of big cities". I Choose VIOLENCE!

PEACE — ANIMATED and PSYCHEDELIC! Because Starcards can never let go of colors! Trip trip to your newly acquired psychedelic NFT, you will use it when animated avatars can be brought to your profile on the social media!

ANARCHY PIN — Every club has its signature, a tattoo, a gesture, words, we have a FREAKING SICK PIN! Used as a token for Pack discounts, and MANY other functionalities such as trade for NEW NFTs, event tickets, WHITELISTS, Merch Promos, Blends etc…

The Collection signature

After releasing only collectibles, puzzle reward (WAXP) powered NFTs, and collect to Earn NFTs, we designed a NEW Product!
Anarchy is not only the FIRST PFP collection created by Starcards but it is will have the first Virtual Gallery!

The Collector Hall of FAME!

The collector hall of fame will feature the top 20 Anarchy Club Collectors! Their SHOWCASE NFT can be displayed with it's URL alongside with their social media info such as Twitter, Youtube, Telegram, Discord, etc…

Also the Collector may choose which other NFT he or she may want to display in a SECOND VR installation! The STAR-STUDED SCOTCH Gallery!

The SSS gallery is a ludic and fun installation created and managed by the Roadie Scotch (Sepiku), and with its amazing animations and creative interactions your NFTs will be displayed in the most unique and fun gallery of the WAX Space!

  • Check the current Starcards dedicated installation:

Scotch & Soda proudly present: Starcards!

What else can we expect from ANARCHY?

A Season full of NEW PFPs and DROPs for Collectors, if you follow Starcards since 2020 you know we don't ever stop creating, so buckle up and get ready for heaps of new arts to come!

Access to the Private Twitter Space for Anarchy Club collectors:

Count on Starcards Crypto to support your tweets* as a channel for thousands of people of reach! whenever we can! We haven't changed since the beginning and we always help when we can!

Starcards will follow you back also! ;)

  • it will always depend on the tweet's content!

ALSO!!! Anarchy Pins will have other functionalities!

DISCOUNTs in PACK prices for assiduous collectors and Anarchy Pin owners!

DISCOUNTS in NEW Products or a Special GIFT in the Starcards OFF MERCH Store!

DYSTOPIA System embodied! We will keep using the Dystopia HUB due to it's success and already rolling know how in between collectors!

OVERDRIVE tuned up! As we just released our new mash up of initiatives to interact with collectors, you can expect more of it in the following Anarchy Collection, but offering different types of rewards other than only Wallace Chips!

Get Ready for ANARCHY!!!

That is all, every info with * may suffer from changes and will be announced prior to the launch!

Visit the MERCH Starcards OFF:

Read more about DYSTOPIA System:

Read more about OVERDRIVE:

Developed with Love Starcards Crypto Team