Starcards: OVERDRIVE!

After countless Starfusions made in 2021, many riddles solved on the Starquest (1.0 and 2k), different NFTs combinations made for Holder Drops with Starlabs and minigames played in the Season of The Witch on Halloween, Starcards presents to the collectors Starcards: OVERDRIVE!

Overdrive will be a combination of all of Starcards initiatives to spice things up and make the collectors hunt for NFTs, trade and challenge themselves!

How it will work:

On a weekly basis collectors will be surprised with different types of challenges to be completed in order to get batches of Wallace Chips to trade for new NFTs and other special blending options such as Packs discount prices and classic NFT claim drops.
The possibilities of challenges are endless, going from different cross collection WHITELISTS, mini Burn events to Riddles (e.g: Starquest)

See below some of the possibilities OVERDRIVE will feature:

  • Individual or Multiple NFTs WHITELIST CLAIMS and FLASH WHITELIST claims of batches of Wallace Chips (Starlabs)
  • Starfusion events featuring multiple combinations of sets or individual NFTs and Flash Burn events
  • Minigames (Season of The Witch)
  • Riddles (Starquest)
  • Flash FREE Claim drops
  • Starquizz on TELEGRAM/DISCORD

Every week will be different and the longest time a challenge can last is a week, so pay attention to our communication channels so you don't miss the weekly events or the flash events.

It is important to note that the amounts of Wallace chips per event will be limited, so First in First out will get the NFTs and the number of Wallace chips per collector will be disclosed together with the total amount available and date and time of the event (start and end).

Read more about the past initiatives and get prepared for OVERDRIVE your STARCARDS COLLECTION!

Season of the Witch:

☢️ Starfusions:

🦋 Starquest:

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Developed with LOVE by Starcards Crypto Team.